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Welcome to RECOVERY.

This podcast is hosted by Ashleigh Rae and is an exploration of the real, nitty-gritty of recovery from sexual trauma. No fluff, no bull - we're bringing the real issues out of hiding, and talking openly, honestly, with integrity and respect because... one in three of us knows EXACTLY how it feels to be a survivor.

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Nov 17, 2018

Hey there Feminist, 

Welcome to Recovery Podcast - the show where we dissect the patriarchy and commit acts of guerrilla warfare to #resist! but in all realness, we're here to talk about gender equality, equality overall, and dismantling the powers that be and replacing them with the much-dreaded Matriarchy. 

Jokes, sort of. 

Today we're talking about the joy of unacknowledged, unappreciated, unpaid domestic labor and the extra demands placed on women at Christmas - followed by a dive into solving the most important problem ever: women bleeding blue stuff on pads and tampons. 

Tune in for Feminist News, Cool Feminist Things, and guerrilla war tactic briefings. 

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