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Welcome to RECOVERY.

This podcast is hosted by Ashleigh Rae and is an exploration of the real, nitty-gritty of recovery from sexual trauma. No fluff, no bull - we're bringing the real issues out of hiding, and talking openly, honestly, with integrity and respect because... one in three of us knows EXACTLY how it feels to be a survivor.

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Jun 28, 2019

Just about everyone on planet earth has a problem with their own self-worth and trauma survivors? We're a special sort with the work seriously cut out for us. 

So in this episode, I'm sharing with you one tool I've used in my own recovery to help turn things around and support all the other tools, tricks, changes I've...

Jun 18, 2019

Is it possible to have sex after rape and sexual assault? Is it possible to to have a healthy sex life, or are we as survivors doomed to a life of celibacy and never able to enjoy a toe-curling orgasm ever again? 

Join me for a look into what sex can be like post-trauma and the strange twists and turns of the non-linear...

Jun 3, 2019

This space is for women (and men) who’ve been told they’re too much.
Too tall, too small, too big, too round, too loud or too quiet.
Too good, too bad, too wasteful, too slutty, too frigid.
Too jiggly, too wobbly, too bony, too strong, too weak, too gorgeous, too smart - too much anything.
This is the place...