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Welcome to RECOVERY.

This podcast is hosted by Ashleigh Rae and is an exploration of the real, nitty-gritty of recovery from sexual trauma. No fluff, no bull - we're bringing the real issues out of hiding, and talking openly, honestly, with integrity and respect because... one in three of us knows EXACTLY how it feels to be a survivor.

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Jun 8, 2017

Hello Darlings!

This week on the pod I'm hanging out with Michelle Clift, a HypnoBirthing pro from Melbourne, VIC.

We got to chatting about the whole experience of birth from the partners perspective, mums-to-be, and what happens when things start going pear shaped.

This is such a cool interview exploring how Mindfulness has been taken to an extreme, and used to help women everywhere have a fabulous, joyful birth!


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